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About VIS

Teachers with postgraduate education, such as a PhD or licentiate degree, are valuable resources in schools, especially in development work. They have experience from teaching in the classroom as well as from research.

Many schools do not have any teachers with postgraduate education. VIS has been developed to make the skills and expertise of teachers with postgraduate education generally available and accessible. VIS offers a range of services within school development, such as teacher training, investigations, coaching of school staff and summaries of research findings.

Since many schools have a strained budget, VIS strives to offer services at a reasonable cost. Hence, VIS is organised as a producer cooperative with a minimum of overheads.

The initiator to VIS is The Research Network of Skåne and R&D School, a branch of Scania´s Association of Local Authorities. The development of VIS has been possible thanks to support from the National Agency for Education and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions.

VIS is an acronym for ”Vetenskap I Skolan”, which is Swedish for ”Science in schools”. VIS strives to cover all scientific areas from natural sciences to humanities.

For more information, please contact the director.